GE sharpens blade research facilities

UNITED STATES: LM Wind Power has unveiled its expanded US blade research centre at the NASA Michoud Campus near New Orleans, Louisiana.

LM will triple the workforce the technology centre in New Orleans, Louisiana

The GE Renewable Energy subsidiary has already been working on its new two-piece blade at the centre, designed for its new Cypress 4.8MW and 5.3MW turbine platform.

The centre had previously been used by blade designer Blade Dynamics before it was acquired by GE in October 2015.

GE then bought LM Wind Power in March 2017. LM incorporated the Blade Dynamics team into its own this year. 

"This new technology centre gives us a local base from which to support our customers in the Americas as well as to partner with world-class researchers from the US Department of Energy and elsewhere in the US," said Duncan Berry, CEO at LM Wind Power.

LM will hire 100 more employees by 2021 to work at the blade tech centre, in southern US, thereby tripling the centre’s staff.