Ex-SGRE CFO joins 10MW generator designer

UK: Former SGRE chief financial officer (CFO) Andrew Hall has been appointed the new chairman of a company planning to unveil an up-to 10MW generator design early next year.

Andrew Hall (above) was replaced by Miguel Angel Lopez at Siemens Gamesa last October

Electromagnetic engineers GreenSpur Renewables previously developed the "world’s first ferrite-based direct-drive permanent-magnet generator" capable of multi-MW generation.

It hopes by only using ferrite magnets, it can remove a reliance on rare earth magnets.

UK-based GreenSpur is due to test a 250kW stage of a 1MW generator at the ORE Catapult centre in early 2019, it stated.

It is also working with motor and generator research institution, the Warwick Manufacturing Group, to model an up-to-10MW generator design.

So far, GE and then MHI Vestas have unveiled plans for turbines with power ratings of 10MW and above.

Hall added GreenSpur’s axial-flux direct-drive generator is the first he has seen "that can credibly use low-cost ferrite magnets at multi-MW levels."

Hall left SGRE in October 2017 as part of the turbine manufacturer’s first minor reshuffle of its top team.

His former company’s most powerful offering is currently an 8MW model with a 9MW power-mode option, butit is working on a 10MW-plus turbine.