Ingeteam producing control systems in India

INDIA: Electrical conversion and turbine control equipment supplier Ingeteam has started serial production at its production facility in Tamil Nadu.

Ingeteam's new facility in Tamil Nadu can be expanded 'on demand', it claimed

Production of wind power converters and control cabinets at the 3,500m2 centre started in August and the first deliveries were made in September, it added.

The Spanish company will supply control systems produced in Tamil Nadu to both local and international manufacturers.

Its production centre is based on modular designs of control systems and its floor space availability allows Ingeteam to expand the facility on demand, it added.

The supplier stated that it follows same standards and processes as its facilities in Spain, the United States, and Brazil.

Ingeteam’s director of wind energy, Ana Goyen, said: "The decision to manufacture locally was marked by the potential of the Indian market, by its protectionism and by the high potential of its people."

The Spanish company holds a 9% market share in control systems for India’s wind system, it claimed.

Of the 4,148MW installed in India in 2017, 35% was equipped with Ingeteam’s technology, the company added.

Goyen added: "Although the Indian wind market has slowed down due to regulatory and commercial issues, we have no doubt that it will pick up again and continue with the positive overall growth trend it has set over the past few years."