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Totaro: 'We are moving from reactive to predictive solutions'

HAMBURG 2018: New uses and benefits of digitalisation will emerge as the wind power industry's relationship with digital tools matures, according to the CEO of consultancy Totaro & Associates.

Data analytics have been used to better analyse turbine performance, while blockchain technology has been used in energy trading, Philip Totaro told Windpower TV at the Global Wind Summit in Hamburg.

"We are at an early stage of it, but we see that (by) using data, you can actually understand how the turbine components have actually been impacted during the course of its life-cycle," he explained.

This knowledge can help developers and operators better analyse how turbines have been performing and also determine the "price-optimal" time to deliver power to the grid.

He added that better data analysis could help developers plan operations and maintenance (O&M) works as they could predict when a turbine is likely tor fail and therefore respond proactively.

"We are moving from a reactive O&M solution to a predictive O&M solution," Totaro added.

He also explained that blockchain technology – in which data is recorded in an open, distributed ledger in a verifiable and permanent way – could also benefit the wind power industry beyond energy trading.

"As the energy sector in general gets more mature with digital solutions, we are bound to see many more commercially available capabilities come to market with blockchain technology enabling it," he told Windpower TV.