'Self-erecting' tower installed

SPAIN: A 160-metre onshore steel turbine tower has been installed using a self-erecting system.

Nabrawind plans to produce and install up to seven towers between 135 and 200 metres tall in 2019

Spanish developer Nabrawind’s prototype has been built in northern Spain using hydraulic jacks on the ground that elevate sections and introduce new frame modules at ground level.

It installed the tower, claimed to be the world’s tallest onshore steel turbine tower, in Navarra in under two weeks.

The prototype will now be tested to demonstrate 25 years of operating loss through fatigue load tests, in which it vibrates the upper part of the tower to generate load.

Nabrawind, which is funded by European innovation investor InnoEnergy, claims the self-erecting ‘Nabralift’ system reduces installation costs by up to 20% compared to conventional approaches like tubular steel or hybrid towers.

It plans to produce and install up to seven 135 to 200 metre towers in 2019.

Ion Arocena, Nabralift programme manager at Nabrawind Technologies, said: "The validation of our technology by means of the prototype marks an important milestone in our commercialisation."