European Energy to install proximity-triggered radar system

GERMANY: Developer European Energy will install a new radar system designed to minimise issues from flashing lights at one of its wind farms in Lower Saxony.

European Energy repowered its Lohkamp project in Lower Saxony (above) in April 2018

The lighting system that will be installed on the nacelles of four Enercon turbines will only be activated when air traffic is nearby.

This will be in contrast to the majority of turbines with radar-detecting systems installed today that have lights constantly flashing in night or fog.

Quantec Sensors will provide the system, which will trigger lights on the turbines when it detects radar signals from nearby aircraft.

It will reduce light-related issues experienced by neighbours of the 12MW Lohkamp wind farm in Lower Saxony as well as by passers-by, European Energy stated.

The developer’s chief technical officer Mikael Pedersen explained: "The flashing lights are often raised as a concern by neighbours when we discuss potential projects.

"This is a solution that can take that concern off the table."

Lohkamp was repowered to include three of Enercon’s E115 turbines and one E101 model in April 2018.

Quantec will install the system in the coming months, and expects it to be fully operational in 2019.