Enercon starts EP3 tests

GERMANY: Turbine manufacturer Enercon has commenced testing on the generators for its new modular EP3 3MW platform at its facility in Aurich, northwest Germany.

Enercon begins trials on its EP3 generator

During the trials, Enercon said, the design parameters of the platform will be "put to the test".

Power curve and efficiencty and load behaviours will also be examined. Enercon said the testing was "integral to the validation phase".

The manufacturer unveiled the modular platform exclusively to Windpower Monthly in August 2017. 

Testing will be carried out at Enercon's Aurich facility in northwest Germany

The new design shifted Enercon from over-engineered models, which exceeded IEC standards, to a modular, customised approach.

This followed the recent price pressures felt by manufacturers in response to the shift to auction systems. Enercon's 3.5MW E-126 turbine will be the first model produced from the platform.

The E-126, designed for medium-wind IEC IIA sites, will be followed by a 3.5MW E-138 for low-wind deployment and a low-wind EP4 prototoype during 2019.