Nordex launches 4.8MW turbine

GERMANY: Manufacturer Nordex has launched a new 4.8MW model with a 133-metre rotor diameter targeting "strong wind sites".

Nordex is aiming the N133/4800 turbine at UK and Norwegian high wind speed sites

The firm has adapted the blade design from its N131 3MW-range model, extending it slightly and integrating it with its new Delta 4000 4-4.5MW platform to produce the N133-4.8MW turbine. 

The new turbine is expected to yield 39% more power than Nordex's current high-wind model, the N100 3.3MW. 

It will be available at hub heights of 78, 83 and 110 metres, the German manufacturer said. This means a potential tip height of as low as 145-metres. 

The model is to be targeted at UK and Norway projects, as well as high-wind sites in Turkey, Australia and Latin America, the firm added. 

Nordex unveiled its Delta 4000 4-4.5MW platform in September, aimed at low- and medium- wind sites.