Fortum to sell power from Taaleri's Finnish portfolio

FINLAND: Power company Fortum will buy the power from developer Taaleri Energia and sell it to the Nordic electricity markets under a new agreement.

Taaleri Energia manages 312MW of operational wind farms in its native Finland

Fortum won a tender to buy the approximate 1TWh annual output from Taaleri’s 312MW wind portfolio in its native Finland, the companies announced.

The developer will then sell it on to the Nordic electricity market via the NordPool electricity exchange, Fortum stated.

Fortum’s winning bid has not been disclosed.

Olli Hagqvist, production manager of Taaleri’s energy division said: "As a result of our cooperation, we are able to combine Taaleri’s significant expertise in renewable energy with Fortum’s extensive knowledge of the Nordic electricity market.

Taaleri’s portfolio consists of 13 projects with a total capacity of 312MW, and includes the 90MW Hyrnsalmi-Suomussalmi site in central Finland — one of the country’s largest wind farms.

The approximate 1TWh/year output would have been accounted for about 1.5% of Finnish electricity in 2017, Taaleri claimed.

Meanwhile, hydropower, combined heat and power (CCHP), and nuclear projects account for the majority of Fortum’s 11.45GW power portfolio, which also includes solar.