Vestas signs 400MW deal with sPower

UNITED STATES: Developer sPower has placed an order with Vestas for the first time, purchasing 400MW of its 2MW and 4MW turbine components.

sPower's Pioneer wind farm (above) in Wyoming uses 46 of GE's 1.85-87 turbines

The components will be eligible for 80% of the production tax credit (PTC), sPower said.

Solar dominates sPower’s 13GW portfolio, but it also has two wind projects.

The 60MW Latigo project in Monticello in southeast Utah and the 80MW Pioneer wind farm in Glenrock in eastern Wyoming, were both commissioned in 2016.

They use 27 units of GE’s 2.3-116 model and 46 of GE’s 1.85-87 turbines respectively.

The developer has not named where Vestas’ turbines will be used, but sPower is set to repower a cluster of six projects in the Altamont Pass in California.

The 49.5MW Sand Hill repowering project will see the 5.8MW Altech I, 1.3MW C.W.E.S., 12.6MW Seawest, 1.2MW Venture Wind I and 1.7MW Venture Wind II, and 1.7MW Viking Energy 83 wind farms repowered with 25 turbines.

Repowering is set to take place before 2020, sPower stated.