Brazil tenders 1.4GW of wind power

BRAZIL: Energy regulator Aneel has awarded power purchase agreements (PPA) to a combined capacity of 1,378MW of wind in its latest tender, held on 20 December.

Brazil's latest tender for nearly 1.4GW of wind saw prices fall below $30/MWh

Running from 1 January 2023, the 20-year contracts were awarded to the projects at an average price of BRL 98.62/MWh (US$29.74/MWh).

The agency's director, Reive Barros, highlighted the positive results, which reflected strong interest from investors in the power industry.

But after the regulator was forced to cancel several proposed wind farms that were never built, Aneel plans to monitor closely the fulfilment of the contract.

"It is important that companies deliver on time and with the desired quality," said Barros. "We want to avoid as much as possible the revocation of concessions that have not been delivered within the stipulated deadline."

Major winners among the wind developers included Enel Green Power (EGP), Iberdrola and EDP Renovaveis.

EGP said it plans to invest around $750 million in three wind projects in the north-east of the country: Lagoa do Barro (510MW), Morro do Chapéu II (78MW), and a 30MW expansion of its Delfina project.

Iberdrola subsidiary Neoenergia was awarded 295MW of capacity. The company plans to build nine wind projects in the state of Paraiba by 2022.

EDPR will build two wind farms in Rio Grande do Norte: Santa Rosa (121.8MW) and Mundo Novo (97.1MW). CEO Joao Manso Neto said the new contracts would allow the company to double its installed capacity in Brazil to around 400MW.