Licence agreement for vertical-axis generator

UK: Vertical axis turbine designer VertAx Wind has agreed a commercial licensing deal with the University of Edinburgh for its C-Gen permanent magnet generator.

University of Edinburgh has licensed its generator design to VertAx Wind

Under the deal, VertAx will be able to use the university-designed generator in its "multi-megawatt" vertical-axis offshore wind turbine.

"This allows us to take the next step as we develop our turbine to compete in the expanding offshore market," VertAx chairman Peter Hunter said.

According to Edinburgh University, the generator is "an air-cored, lightweight, 'no cogging' design" that has been under development since 2005 and tested up to 1MW. 

The VertAx design includes two 5MW inverted generators, meaning it could have a maximum capacity of 10MW.