Lorc welcomes new test bench

DENMARK: Lindo Offshore Renewables Centre (Lorc) has added a new test bench at its facility in central Denmark.

R&D's new test bench at Lorc, Denmark

Engineering firm R&D A/S delivered the test bench, capable of testing components up to 10MW. It has a hydraulic testload unit, which can add torque of up to 25MNm to components, the firm said.

It also has a drive motor system and drivetrain that can put torque of 14.5MNm to components.

According to R&D, the new 'highly accelerated life-cycle testing' (Halt) bench "enables wind turbine manufacturers to test the function and life-cycle of different wind turbines faster and better than ever before".

The hydraulic unit acts as a wind simulator and can replicate the reactions of the wind on the main axle of a test subject using three forces, two "bending moments" and a "torque level".

Together, the test bench is a large mechanical, hydraulic and electrical wind tunnel, which can simulate 25 years of service life in less than six months, R&D claimed.

"We have acquired one of the world's largest and most impressive test benches in the industry, which will support the wind turbine manufacturers in the development of new wind turbines," said Lorc CEO Torben Lorenzen.

R&D added a first, unnamed customer has already exchanged contracts and will begin testing on the new bench 'shortly'.