Pumped to new heights

GERMANY: The record for the tallest onshore wind turbine has been broken, once again, by a Max Bogl-designed tower, but this time with the addition of a pumped-hydro storage solution.

(pic: Max Bögl Wind)

These are now the worlds tallest onshore wind turbines, stretching some 246.5-metres above the ground. Installed near Stuttgart, south-west Germany, the GE 3.4MW turbines are installed at 178-metre hub heights, and have 137-metre rotor diameters.

The height of the turbines is boosted by a 40-metre pumped-water storage solution, the first of its kind. At times of excess power, water is pumped into the turbine bases and when the stored energy is required, the water travels through generators to a reservoir 200-metres below the turbines (pictured, below).

These structures surpass the 230-metre tip height set by Nordex, with a Max Bogl hybrid tower, in July 2016.

It is also further evidence that, for the renewables industry, the only way is up.