Spain predicts 40GW milestone by 2030

SPAIN: Spanish wind industry association AEE believes the country can reach 40GW by 2030, supplying roughly 30% of its electricity needs.

AEE's prediction sees 1.2GW of new capacity added each year in the 2020s

Using a European Commission scenario as a reference, AEE's model created a more ambitious plan, which falls in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement of achieving an 80% reduction in emissions by 2050, the trade body said.

"Electrification must be the way to reduce emissions, thanks to competitive renewable technologies such as wind power. The electricity sector must move towards scenarios where new electricity demand is covered without jeopardising emission reduction objectives," AEE said.

It predicts Spain could have 28GW of wind capacity installed by 2020, including the Canary Islands, if it adds roughly 1.7GW a year.

In the next decade, Spain would need to install an average of 1.2GW a year to reach the 2030 target, AEE claimed.

"The additional 17,000 MW of wind power by 2030 stated in AEE´s scenario are key to cover the reduced output of fossil fuel-based generation plants in the system and to cover the increase in demand as a result of greater economic activity and the electrification of transport. In addition, repowering will be a must, based on the ageing of Spanish wind farms," AEE said.

AEE´s chief executive, Juan Virgilio Marquez, added: "The current energy model is not compatible with European objectives.

"The wind power industry is ready, and it is competitive to provide the system with the wind power capacity required to achieve the decarbonisation objectives, supplying more than 30% of electric power by 2030.

"By 2050, installed wind power would be 60GW."