Goldwind unveils new 4MW-plus turbine

CHINA: Goldwind is the latest manufacturer to join the 4MW class with a turbine aimed at medium wind speeds.

Goldwind's GW4S will be ready for commercial deployment of 2019

The turbine has a rated power range of between 4MW and 4.2MW and features rotor diameters of up to 136 metres.

It also uses the same permanent magnet direct-drive (PMDD) turbine technology found in its 1.5MW, 2.5MW and 3MW models.

The GW4S builds on the scalability and supply chain of the 3S platform, Goldwind stated, and is designed for wind class IIA, which has an average wind speed of 8.5m/s.

The turbine will be ready for commercial deployment of 2019, Goldwind International CEO Tony Pan said. The new model is targetted at the North American, Australian, South American and Turkish markets.

Goldwind said it plans to install a prototype of its GW4S wind turbine in China in the second quarter of 2018, it said.

Last month, the Chinese manufacturer launched a 6.7MW offshore turbine, and, in January, installed a prototype of its 3MW turbine at a test site in Zhangbei, northeast China.

With the unveiling of its new 4MW model, Goldwind joins Vestas, Nordex, GE and Eno Energy in launching new 4MW-plus turbines this year.