Lubricant monitoring to be piloted at 99MW High Plains

UNITED STATES: New gearbox condition monitoring technology is being tested on three wind turbine drivetrains at Rocky Mountain Power's 99MW High Plains project in Wyoming.

High Plains uses 66 of GE's 1.5MW turbines

Logilube’s SmartGear technology provides real-time lube oil condition monitoring, predictive analysis of lubricant remaining-useful-life (RUL), and automated collection of in-service lube oil and lubricant filter status.

It will be applied to the drivetrains in three GE 1.5MW turbines used at Rocky Mountain Power's site located on the border of Albany and Carbon counties in the southeast of Wyoming state.

Real-time condition-based monitoring and drivetrainrp performance, and fleetwide data analytics can help operators avoid curtailment and unnecessary maintenance, the Logilube suggested.

"The resulting innovative solutions could greatly enhance the reliability of wind energy equipment, further reducing the levelised cost of electricity," Logilube CEO Bill Gillette said.