Danish group developing in-tower battery solution

DENMARK: A group of control system specialists, manufacturers, engineers and researchers are teaming up to develop a modular battery storage solution integrated into individual turbine towers.

The group aims to install batteries inside Vestas towers (above) within three years

KK Wind Solutions, Vestas, PowerCon and Aalborg University claimed if their energy storage solution accounted for just 8% of a wind project's capacity, it could eliminate nearly 90% of fluctuations in energy production.

The group aims to develop software algorithms to aid monitoring and control of the batteries installed at the base of towers.

Lithium-ion batteries are currently being considered for the project, KK Wind Solutions said.

While energy storage solutions to the inherent variability of power generated by wind turbines do exist, the group argues large-scale implementation is limited by high procurement and maintenance costs.

"The potential for a cost-effective energy storage solution in wind turbines is enormous," KK Wind Solutions’ head of global research and development Kristoffer Qvist Nielsen said.

"With such technology, we will be able to make wind turbines an active and constant energy source, which will accelerate the competitiveness of wind energy to new heights." 

The project started only recently and will run for three years, KK Wind Solutions added.


KK Wind Solutions has appointed Søren Bæk Just as its new chief financial officer.

Bæk Just most recently served as group vice president in corporate finance at pump manufacturer Grundfos, and has also worked for industrial engineers Danfoss, turbine manufacturer Vestas and consultants Ernst & Young.