Apple and GE to launch Predix on iOS

UNITED STATES: Apple and GE are publishing a software development kit next week that will allow operators to customise apps capable of tracking GE's industrial equipment remotely.

Predix enables wind power technicians to be made aware of issues with turbines remotely (pic credit: GE)

The partnership brings predictive data and analysis from GE’s industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform Predix to Apple’s devices.

Developers would be able to customise the platform to instantly collect relevant data from a wind farm, for example, then notify them of potential issues with a turbine or allow them to work with teams remotely during inspections and repairs, the technology giants said.

The apps would be capable of closing information sequences quicker than if they were not being used, "increasing cost savings and minimising unplanned downtime", the companies claimed.

"The partnership between Apple and GE is providing developers with the tools to make their own powerful industrial IoT apps," GE CEO John Flannery explained.

"Our customers increasingly need to arm their workforces through mobility."

Internet of things

The GE-Apple partnership is one of several pairings of wind power and technology companies to develop an Internet of things programme — technology capable of connecting inanimate objects with the Internet, enabling them to send and receive data.

Chinese turbine manufacturer Envision Energy is working with Microsoft and Accenture to help integrate all areas of an electrical grid.

And Siemens is using the digital services of Atos’ Sinalytics platform with wind-power applications, and RTI’s Connect application for turning a wind farm into a "smart, distributed machine".