Vestas announces flurry of orders

MEXICO: Vestas has announced 211MW of orders off the back of auctions as the third quarter of 2017 came to a close.

Vestas will supply three of its V112-3.45MW for Tozzi Sud’s 38MW Monteverde project in Italy

The manufacturer will supply projects in Mexico, Italy and Argentina, which had all won contracts through the countries’ auction systems.


The company will supply 27 of its V136-3.45 turbines for a 93MW wind farm in the north-eastern state of Tamaulipas.

It also secured a short-term service contract for the project.

The turbines are expected to be delivered in Q3 2018 and commissioning of the site is planned for 2019.

Including the contract for the site in Tamaulipas, Vestas has secured nearly 600MW of orders resulting from Mexico’s auction, which was held last year, and has more than 700MW installed or under construction in the state.


Vestas has also signed orders for 78MW of projects in Italy.

It will supply three of its V112-3.45MW turbines and eight of its V117-3.45 model for local renewables developer Tozzi Sud’s 38MW Monteverde project in the Avellino province in southern Italy.

Vestas also received a 40MW order for the Lavello site in southern Italy.

Delivery of the turbines for the Monteverde project is expected for Q1 2018, with commissioning scheduled for the following quarter. The turbines for Lavello are expected to be delivered and commissioned in Q2 2018.

Vestas has now announced 116MW of orders in Italy in 2017.


The manufacturer will also supply and install 11 of its V136-3.6MW machines at the 39.6MW La Banderita project in La Pampa, central Argentina — the first large-scale site to be installed the in province.

The site won a licence in round 1.5 of Argentina’s auctions under its renewable energy programme, Renovar, in Argentina.

Turbine delivery is planned for the third quarter of 2018, with commissioning expected during Q1 2019.