Engie acquires 608MW Brazilian pipeline

BRAZIL: Utility Engie has confirmed an agreement to acquire 608MW of wind power developing rights in the Brazilian state of Bahia from local developer Renova Energia.

Alstom's 3MW turbines were due to be installed at the first phase of the project

Once final deal adjustments are made, Engie will pay roughly BRL 15 million (€4 million) for the portfolio.

The deal embraces two licensed projects with power purchase agreements (PPA) — specifically Umburanas I (350MW) and Umburanas II (105MW). 

According to the PPA terms, Umburunas I and II are due for connection in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Just 360MW of that combined 455MW capacity will be built immediately, Engie told Windpower Monthly in a written statement.

A further 150MW from the Umburanas III complex is yet to attain licenses or PPAs. Construction depends on power auctions still to be defined, said Engie.

The remaining 95MW (from Umburanas I) will be built when Umburanas III moves forward.

Alstom, now owned by GE, won a turbine supply contract in 2014 to provide all 350MW of Umburanas I, comprising a mix of 2.7MW and 3MW machines.

Engie confirmed "the first 360MW will be with turbines from GE; the rest is still not defined" but a model was not disclosed.