Vestas announces swathe of orders as Q2 ends

WORLDWIDE: Last year's leading turbine manufacturer Vestas has announced over 700MW of new turbine orders in 24 hours, plus a 557MW multi-brand servicing deal.

The biggest order — 288MW — was placed by the AGP Goup and Vasa Vind in Sweden


The biggest order was placed was for 80 V136-3.45MW turbines destined for a project in central Sweden. Turbines will be upgraded to 3.6MW each, meaning the project will have a capacity of 288MW.

The order was place by the AGP Goup and Vasa Vind for the Askalen project, near Ostersund. Vestas said it was the largest order to-date for the turbine model.

The order also includes a 20-year servicing arrangement from installation expected in Q3 2019.

On the same day in Sweden, Vestas announced a 115MW order for the V136 from local repeat customer Arise.

Arise is developing the Svartnas site for project owner BlackRock.


Elsewhere in Europe, Vestas has won a deal to supply Energy Burgenland Windkraft's 33MW Parndorf project.

A total of ten turbines, a mix of the V126-3.3MW or V112-3.3MW models are due to be installed at the site in eastern Austria. Delivery and commissioning is expected by the end of 2017.

"To achieve the lowest cost of energy at the Parndorf wind farm, we needed to leverage two different turbine variants installed with two kinds of towers," said Vestas central Europe president Nils de Baar.


The Danish manufacturer won a 54MW order in Australia from Tilt Renewables, as part of an EPC contract.

Vestas will install the Salt Creek project in Victoria with V126-3.45MW turbines – with the power optimisation mode to produce 3.6MW – in 2018.

"Vestas has now signed more than 500MW of orders in Australia since late 2016, which together with the recent announcement of our new 4MW turbines positions us well to continue delivering highly successful wind energy projects for our customers," said Clive Turton, president of Vestas Asia Pacific.

Also in Australia, Vestas won a fleet-wide servicing contract with Infigen Energy covering their 557MW operating portfolio from 1 January 2018.

As part of the deal, Vestas will manitain the entire Infigen fleet, which includes 189MW of Suzlon turbines, for between seven and 15 years, depending on the project.


In Latin America, Vestas has been awarded an 100MW order from Parque Eolico de Bicentenario, a subsidiary of state cement and petrochemical firm Petroquímica Comodoro Rivadavia.

It will provide 28 V117 power-optimised 3.45MW turbines to a project in Santa Cruz, southern Argentina.

The project was successful in the Renovar energy auction in November.

"In just six months, we have signed about 500MW in the country. Almost half of that comes from the Renovar auction," said Vestas Mediterranean president Marco Graziano.

United States

The Danish manufacturer has received two orders in the US totalling 130MW.

Firstly, it was awarded the 70MW deal to provide its V110-2MW turbines to the Copenhagen wind project in New York, developed by EDF Renewable Energy.

It forms part of a master supply agreement between the two firms signed in 2016.

Delivery is due in Q3 2018 and includes ten years servicing.

And, Vestas will supply 30 V110 turbines, optimised to 2.2MW each, to an unnamed project in the US.

The order includes some components purchased in PTC-securing deals made before the end of 2016, when the availability of the maximum credit value expired.


Vestas also won the first order for its high wind V105-3.45MW, optimised to 3.6MW, for a project in Ireland. 

The 14MW Cappawhite B project in Tipperary County, southern Ireland is being developed by German firm ABO Wind. It is due online by Q3 2018.