GWEC celebrates 500GW on Global Wind Day

WORLDWIDE: Leading trade bodies, led by the Global Wind Energy Council, have celebrated reaching 500GW installed capacity world wide, on Global Wind Day 2017.

GWEC celebrated Global Wind Day with a photo competition, here's the winner (pic: WindEurope/GWEC)

"Wind power has become the leading source of new power generation in Europe and in many countries around the world," GWEC said in a joint statement with WindEurope.

"In 2016 alone, $112.5 billion was invested in wind power globally, and the industry now employs 1.2 million people making it one of the fastest growing industrial segments in the world. Wind power has become a major driver for a sustainable energy future," the statement read.

According to GWEC, the wind industry installed 54GW in 2016, taking global capacity up to 486.75GW at the turn of the year.

As we move in to the second half of the year, GWEC has said the global industry is now beyond 500GW installed.

"Wind and other renewables are already winning on the economics alone, but we need it to happen faster if we are to have a reasonable chance of meeting the Paris climate targets", said GWEC secretary-general Steve Sawyer.