Bidding launched for second German auction

GERMANY: The country's second wind auction was opened last week, giving developers until 1 August to submit their bids.

Germany is looking to source 1GW at its new auction

The auction volume is 1GW compared with 800MW in the first auction which closed on 2 May.

The windy northern Germany region, designated as a "network expansion area", will only see a maximum of 322MW allocated support because electricity grid expansion is currently failing to keep abreast of the growth of renewable energy.

As at the first auction, bids are for a "reference" location so that wind projects at locations with different wind speeds can compete on equal terms.

The maximum bid allowed is again €70/MWh. At the firt auction the highest successful bid was €57.8/MWh, and the average of successful bids was €57.1/MWh,

"After the success of mainly citizens' wind parks in the first auction, we'll see whether that has an impact on  bidding behaviour," said Jochen Homann, president of the federal energy agency Bundesnetzagentur (BNA) which handles the auction procedures.