Rosseti to build project in Kaliningrad region

RUSSIA: Power company Rosseti has announced its plans to start building the first stage of a large wind farm in the Kalinigrad region in July 2017.

The turbines are due to be installed in the Kaliningrad region (pic: Dima Bushkov)

The project had already been confirmed by Igor Makovsky, general director of JSC Yantarenergo, the Rosseti subsidiary that will be responsible for the implementation of the project.

According to Makovsky, the wind farm will be built in several stages, the first of which will see three 2.3MW turbines installed before the end of 2017.

According to earlier statements by Rosseti general director Oleg Budargin, the capacity of the wind farm could be increased to up to 45MW in the next few years.

Turbines and other components will be sourced domestically or from China.