Nordex sheds jobs at Rostock works

GERMANY: Talks are under way with workers' council representatives on job cuts at Nordex' wind turbine nacelle production works in Rostock, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

Nordex is cutting jobs at its nacelle production plant in Rostock

The measure is in "reaction to postponement of projects and a dip in demand in several European core markets", the company said on 2 June. The details on redundancies are being negotiated with the works council, according to the statement.

In Europe, support systems for wind are being changed, leading to project postponements and dampening demand, the company explained.

"We can't at this stage give firm information on the number of jobs affected. But it is clear that in 2017 and 2018, demand for the turbine platforms produced in Rostock is down. We have to counter this with an adjustment to our production capacity, to cover costs and maintain competitiveness," said Bo Moerup, head of Nordex's Europe division.

The company has already reduced the number of agency workers and workers on fixed term contracts. It is not yet possible to say how many of the around 1,400 employees at Rostock will lose their jobs, a Nordex spokesman said on 6 June.

All nacelles for Nordex machines are produced at Rostock. The company also has a blade factory in the northern port city, and sources some blades externally.

In mid-May, Nordex Group's CEO José Luis Blanco had said: "In Spain, there is record activity in production. There has been a slight decrease in activity in Germany, but there is a sustainable amount of production and the works are competitive."