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Boundary Pushers: Jens Tommerup, CEO, MHI Vestas

The CEO of MHI Vestas kicks off our new series on forging change through collaboration and innovation.



Who changes the world? It’s the people who ask difficult questions and answer even tougher ones — the boundary pushers.

Windpower Monthly, in partnership with MHI Vestas, launches a brand new series, featuring the individuals who are forging change in offshore wind through collaboration and innovation.

Over the next nine months, we're interviewing global business leaders, technical experts, futurists and politicians to discover which fundamental changes need to be made in offshore wind — and how they're making that change a reality.

In this introductory feature, Jens Tommerup, CEO of MHI Vestas, explores how offshore wind is reducing costs, expanding beyond Northern Europe, and how the company is reducing costs and driving collaboration across the supply chain.