PacifiCorp targets Wyoming for wind development

UNITED STATES: PacifiCorp has revealed that it will seek to build, or buy power from, 1.1GW of new wind power by 2020, mostly in Wyoming.

Wyoming is becoming a hot spot for US wind power development

The utility, based in Portland, Oregon, will also repower some 900MW of wind projects in Wyoming by 2020.

In addition, between 2028 and 2036, the company plans to add another 859MW of new wind capacity — 85MW in Wyoming and 774MW in Idaho.

To help transmit the new wind capacity, PacifiCorp is looking to build a 140-mile (225km) segment of the Gateway West 50kV transmission line between Medicine Bow in Wyoming and the Jim Bridger power plant in the south-west of the state by 2020.

This is according to its new resource plan filed with regulators on 4 April.

"This is a win-win and represents our continued commitment to both reduce the environmental impact of the energy we produce and keep costs low," said Stefan Bird, president and CEO of Pacific Power, a PacifiCorp subsidiary that serves customers in Oregon, Washington and California.

Wyoming is a hot spot for wind development. The Power Company of Wyoming is planning to complete the first 1.5GW phase of the Chokecherry & Sierra Madre project by 2020.