Lead MEP set to propose 35% renewables by 2030

EUROPE: The MEP tasked with drafting the European Parliament's position on the renewable energy directive (RED II), Jose Blanco Lopez, said on Tuesday he would propose a 2030 target of 35%.

Lopez wants a EU-wide target of 35% renewables by 2035 (pic: Siemens)

This is considerably higher than the 27% proposed by the European Commission in November. Moreover, the Spanish lawmaker also called for binding national sub-targets tailored to each member state.

RED II's predecessor directive included national targets to support an EU-wide goal of 20% by 2020. But in its proposals for 2030 the Commission proposed only an EU target, raising questions over whether implementation could be ensured.

Speaking at an energy policy summit in Brussels, Blanco Lopez said legal certainty and a "crystal clear perspective" would be needed to encourage further investment in renewables as subsidies are phased out.

"The objective set for 2020 worked well...why should we amend something that worked well?" he said.

The socialist lawmaker's statement represents a hardening of his previous position, which was that he would not accept a target of less than 30%.

The principle of a binding 27% renewables target for 2030 was agreed by EU government leaders at a summit in October 2014.

If Blanco Lopez's new proposal is approved by the European Parliament it will set the assembly on course for a clash with the EU Council in forthcoming negotiations.

First published on Ends Europe.