CANWEA 'applauds' Canadian budget

CANADA: The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA) has shown its support for the new federal budget that supports the country's energy transition.

Canadian finance minister Bill Morneau ahead of the budget announcement (pic: Bill Morneau/Twitter)

Announcements in the budget included C$5 billion funding for the Canada Infrastructure Bank "for green infrastructure projects, including those that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, deliver clean air and safe water systems, and promote renewable power".

The budget also included C$200 million to aid "emerging renewable energy technologies nearing commercialisation" and a pledge "to develop a legislative framework for offshore renewable energy projects".

CANWEA vice-president of poicy and communications Jean-Francois Nolet welcomed the budget and offered the trade body's support to implement the proposals.

"CANWEA applauds the federal government's commitment to continue its transition to a low-carbon economy and its recognition that doing so will provide significant economic benefits to Canada.

"We are pleased to see that the federal government will continue to collaborate with the provinces in developing and identifying green infrastructure projects that will allow the modernisation of Canada's electricity grid and the integration of clean low-cost renewable energy sources like wind energy.

"The wind energy industry is committed to working with the federal government to identify the projects that will best support the deployment, integration and optimised use of renewable power," he said.