Xcel Energy expands US plans

UNITED STATES: Xcel Energy has broadened its US expansion plans to 11 new wind projects across seven states, totalling 3.38GW in capacity.

Xcel Energy wants to wind to provide 35% of its energy mix by 2021

In mid-March, the utility announced plans to invest $2.5 billion in four states, supporting seven new wind projects in the northern US through construction or power purchase agreements.

It has now increased its plans, targeting to have 35% of its energy mix provided by wind power.

Xcel has announced proposals to support a further 1.23GW of new capacity in Texas and New Mexico, southern US, by building two new projects and buying power from a third.

It is planning to construct the 522MW Sagamore Wind project in Roosevelt County, New Mexico at a project developed by Invenergy, and the 478MW Hale Wind in Hale County Texas — a project developed by NextEra Energy Resources.

Xcel has also entered a power purchase agreement with NextEra to buy the electricity from the 230MW Bonita project in Cochran and Crosby counties in Texas, it said.

"With wind energy at historic low prices, we can secure savings that will benefit customers now and for decades to come," said Xcel Energy CEO Ben Fowke.