Canada island plans to increase wind by a third

CANADA: The government of Prince Edward Island (PEI) wants to add another 70MW of wind energy to its electricity grid, building on what is already the highest penetration of any province in Canada.

Prince Edward Island government is planning an additional 70MW of wind capacity (pic: EEF)

The island currently has 204MW of operating wind energy, supplying 25% of its electricity needs.

Under a newly released ten-year energy strategy, the government-owned PEI Energy Corporation is planning to install a 30MW project in 2019 and a 40MW project in 2025.

"The goal of installing even more wind energy into the grid demonstrates the provinces desire to continue to capitalise on its world-class wind resources," said Canadian Wind Energy Association vice-president of policy and communications, Jean-Francois Nolet.

The ability to cost-effectively integrate the new generation in a system that only has a peak load of 266MW will be critical, the strategy said.

PEI is hoping to tap into new federal green infrastructure funding, expected to be announced later this week, to test energy storage solutions.

The province also plans to explore wind energy exports to the US north-east, according to the strategy document, adding that two new 180MW undersea transmission cables now being installed in the Northumberland Strait between New Brunswick and PEI "will help achieve this goal".