Siemens-Gamesa merger to create a "big-four" of OEMs

WORLDWIDE: The combination of Siemens and Gamesa will create a "big four" of original equipment manufactures, after 2016 was dominated by three suppliers, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Vestas was named lead onshore wind turbine supplier in 2016 by BNEF

According to BNEF's onshore figures for 2016, Vestas reclaimed its place as leading OEM with a 16.5% market share. 

The figures reinforce those released earlier this week by FTI Consulting, which showed how Vestas' 8.7GW total was boosted by its leading position in the US. 

Similarly, BNEF said Goldwind's fall from first to third was due to its reliance on the contracting Chinese market, despite increasing its market share there. It installed 6.4GW in 2016, down from 7.8GW last year.

GE installed 0.6GW more than 2015, enough to climb to second in the rankings aided by its increased global presence, the analyst firm said. GE was present in 21 countries in 2016, up from 14 in 2015, according to BNEF.

The top three manufacturers claimed a 40.9% market share in 2016, BNEF's figures revealed. 

"This years' ranking shows why 2016 was all about mergers in the turbine-maker sector," said BNEF head of wind research David Hostert

"There is now a strong breakaway group of three companies at the front, with a fairly tight field following. The upcoming merger of Siemens Wind and Gamesa will allow the joined company to catch up and create a 'big four' group of dominant manufacturers.

"Staying at the front of this pack will require both significant size and a balanced presence in the right markets," Hostert added. 

Nordex climbed back into the top ten thanks to its merger with Acciona Wind Power after missing out in 2015. It was sixth placed, installing 2.7GW onshore, BNEF said.

Gamesa (3.7GW) claimed fourth spot in BNEF rankings, just ahead of German manufacturer Enercon (3.5GW), which had 91% of its total installed in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

German manufacturer Siemens slipped down the rankings to eighth installing just 2.1GW onshore in 2016.

BNEF Top 10 Onshore Wind Manufacturer 2016

Rank Manufacturer Commissioned Capacity New-build market share
1 Vestas 8.7GW 16.5%
2 GE 6.5GW 12.3%
3 Goldwind 6.4GW 12.1%
4 Gamesa 3.7GW 7.0%
5 Enercon 3.5GW 6.6%
6 Nordex 2.7GW 5.0%
7 Guodian 2.2GW 4.2%
8 Siemens 2.1GW 3.9%
9 Ming Yang 1.96GW 3.7%
10 Envision 1.94GW 3.7%