Trade bodies call for Danish onshore extension

DENMARK: Three organisations in Denmark have called on the government to replace the current onshore wind support system with a new tender-based structure.

Denmark's current onshore support scheme expires in February 2018

According to the Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA), the Danish Wind Turbine Owners' Association (DWTOA) and the Agriculture and Food trade bodies, the country's current system expires exactly one year from today, 21 February 2018.

The three bodies issued a joint statement, calling on the Danish government to replace the system with a new one ahead of a meeting with energy minister Lars Lilleholt and other Danish political party energy rapporteurs in Copenhagen today.

They recommend introducing a tender-based system in order to bring the cost of wind down, plus a transitional system for projects that have been long-planned.

"It is a goal in itself to reduce the subsidy for onshore wind, and therefore we suggest working on a procurement model for the future development of achievements," DWIA director Jan Hylleberg said.

"By offering [the auction] the cost will come down as far as the technological and market [will allow]," Hylleberg added.

The groups warned that without an extension, onshore wind installation in Denmark would stall.

"Exactly one year from today expansion of onshore wind in Denmark will stop, unless strong political action is take," DWTOA director Christian Kjaer said.

"If the legislative limbo for Denmark's cheapest energy continues much longer, it will be difficult and unnecessarily costly to reach government's target of at least 50% renewable energy by 2030.

"A range of wind projects that are well advanced in planning, are being especially hard hit by uncertainty. Therefore, a transitional arrangement is necessary to bridge the gap between current conditions and future supply," Kjaer added.

Following the meeting, Hylleburg tweeted Lilleholt and several of the rapporteurs: "Thank you for the commitment to a quick clarification on the country's onshore wind support."