Italy awards €66/MWh tariff to 800MW of onshore wind

ITALY: A total of 800MW in commercial-scale onshore wind projects has been assigned a 20-year fixed price tariff through a competitive auction.

Auction for 800MW of new and repowered projects has driven wind price down to €66/MWh

All the successful projects were assigned the minimum €66/MWh tariff, equivalent to a 40% discount on the reference price of €110/MWh.

An indication of the keenness of competition in the auction — run by state agency Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE) — was that most of the 1,144MW in projects that were unsuccessful in securing the tariff had also been willing to accept €66/MWh.

Bidders were required to offer anywhere between a 2-40% discount on the reference price. In the last auction in 2014, the lowest tariff amounted to €88.9/MWh.

Among successful bidders, EDP Renovaveis secured the fixed-price tariff for six wind projects with total capacity of 127MW.  E2i Energie Speciali secured the tariff for 150MW covering seven wind farms, including three that will be repowered.

What could be Italy’s first offshore wind project — a 30MW development planned for the port of Taranto by developer Beleolico — secured a 25-year fixed price tariff at the maximum price of €161.7/MWh, equivalent to a 2% discount on a €165/MWh offer price. It faced no competition.