India's largest power sector units look to wind power

INDIA: The National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), one of the country's most valuable public sector units (PSU), and its largest power generator, has made its first foray into wind power.

India's largest power generator is making its first foray into wind energy with Inox Wind

NTPC, which has thermal generating assets of nearly 47GW, is partnering with Inox Wind to establish a 50MW wind project in the state of Gujurat.

Power trader PTC India is also looking to invest in wind power. It is planning to invest US$88 million in its subsidiary, PTC Energy, to generate 300MW of renewable energy, with around 250MW of that coming from wind power in Andrha Pradesh.

These new investments in wind power generation, though modest in size, point to the growing strength of the economic case of of wind power in India.

NTPC and PTC are among India’s most experienced and respected power companies. They also have a substantial capacity for large-scale investment.

Their growing interesting in wind power could have a significant influence on the sector’s development in India.