Vestas reaches new heights in China

CHINA: Vestas has been contracted by local developer and tower supplier Titan Wind Energy to install turbines with hub heights of 137-metres, set to be the tallest in China.

Vestas turbines will become the tallest installed in China

The 80MW order for a project in Licun Town, in Shandong province, east China, will see Vestas deliver 40 V110-2MW turbines. 

Deliery is expected in Q2 2017, with project completion set for the end of the year. 

This is the first project Titan Wind Energy is develping and the turbines are set to become the tallest installed in China to date.

"Titan has been Vestas' tower supplier for about ten years. We are pleased to see that the relationship between us has expanded and upgraded from a buyer-supplier one into a closer and enriched partnership," said Vestas president of Asia Pacific and China, Chris Beaufait.

Vestas introduced its large-diameter steel tower in 2015, which can be offered with a 132- or 149-metre hub height.

By comparison, the tallest turbine, installed by Nordex in Germany this year, has a hub height of 164-metres.


Elsewhere, Vestas has also won a 79MW supply deal from developer Eolus Vind. The manufacturer will deliver 23 V126-3.45MW turbines to the Jenasen project in Sundsvall, east Sweden. 

Delivery of the turbines is expected in early 2018 and they will be covered by a five-year servicing agreement.