Plans for wind to replace oil generation in Russia

RUSSIA: The government and the national Parliament are considering replacing existing oil-fired generation with wind power plants in the coming years, according to government press service.

The Russian Parliament is considering a plan to expand wind power generation

It is planned that at the initial stage new wind power plants will be mostly established in Russia's Siberian and Urals regions, which traditionally experience a shortage of energy.

Viktor Zubarev, member of the energy committee of the Russian parliament and one of the authors of the new initiative, said new wind power projects should be built in regions, which use inefficient diesel or fuel oil sources, in particular the far north and the Siberian region.

This should help to significantly improve environmental situation in these regions, which has always been poor, due to the presence of a large number of industrial facilties and plants, as well as military activity.

The government has started talks with potential investors, which are expected to include Fortum, Rusnano and some other leading local energy companies.