AEE calls for fair prices from new government

SPAIN: Spain's new government should rectify the mistakes of the last three years in its review of energy prices, due before the end of the year.

Spain's new energy minister Alvaro Nadal (pic: Partido Popular)

Following the election of a minority government in Spain, after a ten-month political deadlock, Spain's wind industry trade body AEE welcomed new energy minister Alvaro Nadal by calling for fair and consistent pricing.

The review of prices at the end of 2016 comes three-years in to a six-year price programme.

AEE said the review was an opportunity to rectify the prices set for the last three years, which resulted in the industry missing out on €630 million in support.

The trade body warned that if the same prices are maintained, and not adjusted to real market prices, the industry faces a 56% shortfall over the next three years —around €600 million.

In 2013, the then-Spanish government replaced the feed-in tariff system with a system providing operators with a "reasonable profit" — something AEE said the industry has not been getting for the last three years.

AEE also said if the government can fix the regulations affecting existing capacity first, then a dialogue can be opened about the future of the industry and the introductions of an auction-based system.