Enercon produces first EP4-141 blade

GERMANY: Enercon's blade subsidiary KTA has produced the first set of blades for the manufacturer's low-wind EP4-141 turbine, set to become the largest onshore rotor available worldwide.

A blade for Enercon's EP4-141 turbine at KTA's facility

The blades will be installed on Enercon's new 4.2MW onshore wind turbine, a prototype of which is set for completion by the end of the year.

"We are well on schedule," said Enercon programme manager Arno Hildebrand. "The assembly of the rotor blades is planned for mid-November. Commissioning is to take place by the end of the year," he added.

Blades are manufactured in two parts, Enercon said, and the turbine will be offered at hub heights of 129 and 159 metres.

The IEC class III 4.2MW low-wind turbine is designed to work in areas where average wind speeds are as low as 6.5m/s.

In April 2016, Enercon installed a prototype of its EP4-126 turbine at a site in the Netherlands. The forerunner to the EP4-141 turbine is aimed at IIa wind class sites.

The EP4 technology platform "unites innovative technology and intelligent modular design, uses more identical parts and standard components and provides customers with the highest quality standards and maximum efficiency and reliability for a multitude of sites", the company said.