Denmark set to expand Osterild test site

DENMARK: The Danish Technology University's test site at Osterild could be extended, according to reports in Danish press.

DTU's Osterild site has space for seven turbines, with calls for at least four more

According to, business and growth minister Troels Lund Poulsen will propose the addition of "several sites" to the government before the end of the year.

There are currently seven turbines at the Osterild site in northern Denmark, with a further five at Hovsore. Osterild has played host to prototypes of the world's biggest turbines, including Siemens' 7MW turbine and MHI Vestas V164 8MW.

Chinese manufacturer Envision Energy has also used the test site.

"It is crucial [there are] new test sites for Danish research and development activity. We have manufacturers ready for new places, " said Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA) CEO Jan Hylleberg.

DWIA said the industry was hoping for four further berths and an increase in permitted tip height from 250-metres to 300-metres.

In January 2016, DWIA's national research partnership Megavind, issued a report calling for between four and seven new test places