Siemens wins multiple direct-drive German deals

GERMANY: Siemens has won five new contracts in its native Germany to supply 23 of its direct-drive turbines.

Siemens is installing 23 3MW+ direct-drive turbines at five projects across Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany

The largest deal will see Siemens manufacture eight SWT-3.0-113 turbines for the 24MW Bollenhagen project in Wesermarsch, northern Germany.

Bollenhagen is being developed by Innovent and Jade Concept. The turbines will be installed at 92.5-metre hub heights.

Secondly, Siemens will supply the 3MW turbine to the Beedenbostel repowering project in Lower Saxony, operated by Dean Group. The five Vestas V66 1.65MW turbines will be replaced by Siemens' 3MW turbine with a 113-metre rotor.

Siemens is also providing six SWT-3.3-130 turbines to the Damme extension project.

A further 3.3MW machine will be installed at a site in Schleswig-Holstein for power-to-gas firm Sudermarsch Wind.

Finally, three SWT-3.3-113 turbines will be installed at the 9.6MW Quarnbek project, developed by Denker & Wulf.

All turbines are expected to be installed and commissioned by spring 2017, Siemens said.