Siemens 3.6MW certified by DNV GL

GERMANY: Siemens' new 3.6MW model has achieved type certification from standards agency DNV GL, allowing for serial production to begin in early 2017.

Siemens' new turbines are all based on its 3.3MW turbine with a 130-metre rotor

Siemens unveiled the SWT-3.6-130 medium-wind IEC II turbine at the WindEnergy Hamburg show at the end of September. 

The classification from DNV GL means the turbine meets the IEC 61400-22 international standard for performance and safety. 

"Thanks to this and additionally technical innovations and developments throughout the wind turbine, the SWT-3.6-130 will, according to Siemens, deliver 18-19% higher annual energy production across wind speeds than the previous model SWT-3.2-113 of the first generation of direct-drive wind turbines," DNV GL said. 

Certification was facilitated by a prototype installed at the DTU Wind Energy test centre in Hovsore, northwest Denmark. 

The turbine was one of three new models unveiled at the exhibition in Germany. Siemens also revealed the SWT-3.3-130 low noise option, with new blades featuring its next generation 'dinotail' add-on.

It also launched the SWT-3.15-142, Siemens' first direct-drive turbine aimed at the low-wind segment.