Over 20GW registered for Brazil auction

BRAZIL: Wind projects registered for the October reserve auction in Brazil make up over 62% of all qualified capacity.

Over 20GW of wind capacity has been registered for the October reserve auction

In tota,l 33.2GW of renewable energy projects will take part in Brazil's second reserve auction in 2016, with wind making up 20.8GW spread across 799 sites. The remaining capacity is made up by solar.

Brazil's wind players had expected to be included in two reserve auctions this year, but were only selected for the second one in October. It has a price cap of BRL 223/MWh ($67.73/MWh)

A majority (242) of the wind projects are located in the windy northern state of Bahia, with a combined capacity of 6.2GW.

In Brazil's most recent A5 auction in April, wind projects received no contracts. The five-year lead-time caused a high level of risk resulting in wind's poor performance then. It was the first time wind did not play a major role in an auction since being admitted in 2009.

The timescale in October's reserve aution is shorter, with contracts set to start 2019 thereby reducing the uncertainty.