Nordex installs 230-metre onshore turbine

GERMANY: Nordex has installed its N131 3.3MW turbine on its new 164-metre hybrid tower, resulting in the world's tallest turbine, the manufacturer claimed.

The Nordex turbine has a hub height of 164 metres, and a tip height close to 230 metres

The tower comprises a 100-metre concrete section below two steel segments, the manufacturer said.

This configuration has been used in 500 other 3MW-platform turbines with total heights reaching 200 metres, Nordex added.

Construction firm Max Bogl was responsible for manufacturing the hybrid tower from its German facilities.

The turbine is installed at the Hausbay-Bickenbach project, 100km west of Frankfurt in Rhineland-Palatinate, southwest Germany.

The site is owned by local small-project developer Kreuzberger & Spengler Regenerative Energie.


Nordex claims the 164-metre tower is the tallest yet to be installed on a wind project.

Rival Vestas introduced its large-diameter steel tower in 2015, which is in operation at a 140-metre hub height.

With the unveiling of its V136 turbine, Vestas announced it would offer the 3.45MW turbine at 132 metres and 149 metres with the LDST.

US manufacturer GE offers its Space Frame tower with its 2.5MW and 2.75MW turbines for hub heights of 139 metres.

And Indian OEM Suzlon is currently trialling a 120-metre tubular and lattice style hybrid tower for its S111 2.1MW turbine.

In February, advisory firm K2 Management issued a report suggesting towers could reach 170 metres soon.

A 3MW turbine at 140 metres in a forested area with average speeds of 6m/s could produce 30% more energy than a turbine at 70 metres. A further increase to 170-metres would produce even more energy, K2 said.

K2 Management CEO Henrik Stamer said: "170-metre towers could become a common sight in the near future in markets like the US and Germany as part of a new renewable skyline.

"We expect to see more of these mega designs as we help our clients get the most out of their wind projects," he added.

Since 1999, hub heights have increased by 48%, K2 added.