Offshore Project Progress - 13 May

WORLDWIDE: Recent project updates from several UK projects, the Nordergrunde and Arkona sites in Germany and the troubled Cape Wind development in the US.

A2Sea's Sea Installer vessel has been chartered for use at Hornsea Project One


UXO begins: N-Sea has begun pre-construction unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearance works for Galloper, in the North Sea off Suffolk.

The work is expected to take 3-6 months to complete, focusing on the inter-array and export cable corridors. 27-Apr-16



Vessel assignment: With offshore construction under way at Dudgeon, MPI Workboats' crew transfer vessel MPI Napoleon has started work at the 402MW North Sea project.

Operating out of Great Yarmouth, it will be joined by the MPI Snowball in September 2016. 28-Apr-16


Cape Wind

Permit appeal: Cape Wind has appealed the denial of a two-year extension of permits for two subsea and underground cables for its 468MW project.

On 6 April, the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board declined the permit extensions, as it considered the project to be years away from proceeding.

The project has been on ice since January 2015 after losing its power purchase agreements with local utilities, due to the delay in the project. 29-Apr-16



Cable deal: Nexans has been contracted to supply Arkona's inter-array cables.

The order includes 28 kilometres of cables with an 800 square-milimetre cross-section and 48 kilometers of three-phase cables with a 300 square-milimetre cross-section.

They will be manufactured at Nexans' plant in Hanover, Germany, with delivery scheduled for the beginning of 2018.

E.on and Statoil are developing the 385MW Arkona in the Baltic Sea. It is due for completion in 2019. 29-Apr-16


Hornsea Project Three

Consultation under way: Dong Energy is starting consultation on Hornsea Project Three.

The up to 2.4GW project would be the world's largest offshore wind farm. It is planned for a site in the North Sea, 120 kilometres off England's east coast.

A consent application is expected to be submitted in 2018 and if this is successful, construction is anticipated to take place between 2022 and 2025. 4-May-16



First foundation: The first of Nordergrunde's 18 monopile foundations has been installed from the MPI Enterprise vessel, at the project site in the Weser estuary.

Ambau is supplying the foundations and Bilfinger is installing them. Wpd's 111MW project is due for completion by the end of 2016. 10-May-16


Hornsea Project One

Vessel charter: From spring 2019, A2sea's Sea Installer vessel will be deployed at Dong Energy's Hornsea Project One.

Around half of the 1.2GW project's 174 SWT-7.0-154 turbines will be installed from the vessel, at the North Sea project site off the east of England. 10-May-16

Fred Olsen Windcarrier has also been contracted to transport and install the other half of Hornsea Project One's turbines. 12-May-16


From WPO Intelligence