Sinovel launches O&M subsidiary

CHINA: Manufacturer Sinovel Wind Group has set up a subsidiary focusing on wind turbine operations and maintenance (O&M) services.

Around 5,000 Sinvoel turbines will come out of warranty in the next three years

Sinovel has installed more than 9,000 wind turbines ranging from 1.5MW to 6MW across the country, of which 5,000 will see their guarantee expire in the next three years. This offers much market potential for the O&M business.

Compared with a third-party service provider, Sinovel has an obvious advantage as it knows its products best, said Zhu Guodong, vice general manager of Ruiyuan Wind Power Technology, the newly-established subsidiary.

The new business grew from the O&M unit of Sinovel and now employs more than 800 staff. The company did not say whether it would service wind turbines of other manufacturers.

Industry figures show that 14-18GW of wind turbines guarantees expire each year. By 2022, an estimated 187GW of wind turbines will be out of the guarantee period.

The wind farm service market, including O&M, will be worth tens of billions of dollars by then. Wind companies are eyeing this growing market and trying to gain a foothold.