Vestas wins 98.2MW turbine and 268MW servicing deals

WORLDWIDE: Vestas has won 98.2MW of turbine orders in Uruguay and Denmark, and extended its servicing contracts across six projects in Spain.

Vestas' V126 3.3MW turbines will be installed at the site in southern Uruguay


The first turbine order was placed by the developer of the 45.4MW Hogager Vindpark. The project will be installed near Holstebro, northwest Denmark.

Vestas will supply 21 V100 2MW turbines to the site, with delivery expected to begin in Q3 2016. The manufacturer said 17 of the turbines would be uprated to produce 2.2MW.

Vestas president of northern Europe Klaus Steen Mortensen said the project would become Denmark's third largest onshore project when completed by the end of the year.



For the second contract, Vestas will supply 16 V126-3.3MW turbines to the 52.8MW Vientos de Pastorale site in Flores, southwest Uruguay.

The order was placed by Uruguayan developer TaxWay, a subsidiary of the Spanish power supplier Cobra Group.

Delivery is also expected to begin in Q3 2016 with project completion due in early 2017.

It is the second time TaxWay has placed an order with Vestas. In October 2014, the firm ordered 16 V112 3MW turbines for the 49MW Kiya project in southern Uruguay.

"With 344MW already installed and around 170MW under construction, Vestas leads Uruguay's wind energy industry with approximately 35% market share," said Vestas Mediterranean president Marco Graziano.


Finally, Vestas has extended its servicing contracts across six projects in Spain, totaling 268MW of installed capacity.

The deal with the unnamed owner will see Vestas maintain the turbines for the remainder of their expected operational lifetime.

Vestas has also announced the completion of its takeover of German O&M provider Availon, following its €88 million takeover announced in January.