Dong announces Vindeby decommissioning

DENMARK: One of the first offshore wind projects ever constructed will be dismantled after 25 years of operation.

The 25-year-old Vindeby offshore project comprises 11 Bonus 450kW turbines

Dong Energy's 5MW Vindeby site comprises 11 Bonus 450kW turbines.

It was commissioned in 1991 and was the first offshore project connected to the Danish grid. Denmark now has over 1.2GW of installed offshore capacity.

"After 25 years of operation Vindeby's turbines are being worn down, and therefore we are ready to retire the park," said Dong offshore wind portfolio asset manager Leif Winther.

Winther also said he would like to hear from other renewable energy companies interested in using the project infrastructure – such as the cables and substation – before they are taken down.

Vindeby will be the second offshore project to be decommissioned in Scandinavia this year. In January, Vattenfall completed the deconstruction of its 10MW Yttre Stengrund site in Sweden.

Dong said the experience of taking down the project would be vital for future decommissionings when current projects reach the end of their operational lifetime.