First Nordex N131 3.3MW installed

GERMANY: The first N131/3300 has been installed at a site in Germany, four months after the up-rated model was unveiled by manufacturer Nordex.

Nordex's new N131 3.3MW turbine has been installed at a site in Germany

Nordex announced it had boosted the output of its 3MW N131 turbine at the Husum Wind 2015 exhibition in Germany in September. The low-wind turbine has a 131-metre rotor and will be available with two hub heights.

The new turbine has been installed at the Krampfer project in the eastern state of Brandenburg, Germany for customer Voss Energy, according to Nordex.

Nordex had been contracted to install six N131 3MW turbines at the site due in January, but Voss decided to upgrade one of the turbines with the new variant.

The turbine was installed ahead of the original schedule on 28 December. The remaining five N131 3MW turbines will be installed in January as planned, Nordex confirmed.